Worthy Causes:

Where the cash we raise goes?

Brodstock is completely not-for-profit and whilst our aims are all about inspiring musical performance and celebrating our local community we also aspire to raise a whole load of cash for charity.

Whats more, we’re run by an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers which means every penny either goes on putting the day on or direct to the causes.

Our 2018 and 2019 festival’s successfully raised £25,000 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and in 2021 we introduced the Brodstock Community Fund which made £10,000 available to local schools seeking funding to buy musical equipment and instruments.

So far we’ve raised over £90,000 for our district’s only adult hospice.

Overgate is an independent and local charity with a mission to ensure that
their patients, and those close to their patients, live with the best
possible quality of life. Overgate do this by providing the highest
standard of compassionate and evidence-based specialist palliative and end
of life care for adults in Calderdale who have active, progressive,
life-limiting illnesses.

The festival has been working with Overgate from the beginning. In fact, as the rugby club looked to introduce a Summer event to it’s calendar, it was a partnership with the Brighouse Friends of Overgate that set the Brodstock ball rolling.

For more details please visit www.overgatehospice.org.uk

Over 100 volunteers from the club are the core “Brodstock Makers” every year. Without them, we simply have no festival…. and a bloody good job they do too!

With rugby season being played autumn/winter/spring the Brods were keen to bring Woodhead Park to life in summer with a bang! Brodstock has allowed the club to invest in it facilities and improve the sporting environment for hundreds of local girls and boys ranging from 5 years old til 65+.