12.00pm –  The Last Minute

12.40pmJess Thristan

1.30pm Jump Jive & Wail

2.30pm Psychoslinkys

3.30pm Ben Jordan

4.25pm Sons of Robin

5.15pm Community Raffle Draw

5.35pm Highway 62

6.40pmAcoustic Skadom

7.50pm The Sequels

9.00pm –  Bravado Cartel

Acoustic music for the soul; find us in the circus tent at the top of the festival field.

2pm  Aron Mir and Jack Marsden

2.30pm  Samwell Gent

3.00pm  So ‘N’ So

3.30pm  Michelle Veasey

4pm  Paddy and George Hodgson

4.30pm  Dean and Luca Finelli

5pm  Since 9

5.30pm  My Brother Jake

6.00pm  Ellie Telford Band

6.30pm  Roving Thieves

Find us in front of the Climbing Wall. Come and have a go!

11.45am – 1.15pm Skateboarding

1.30pm – 2pm Warrior Factory’s Lil Dragons Marital Arts (3 to 6 year olds)

2pm – 2.30pm Warrior Factory’s Taekwondo (7 years+) featuring live demos

2.45pm – 3.15pm Brods Tots Rugby Class (3 to 5 year old) Session One

3.15pm – 3.45pm Brods Tots Rugby Class (3 to 5 year old) Session Two

4pm – 4.40pm Netball Masterclass (any age) by the Yorkshire Brodleians

4.45pm – 5.45pm Free Play

5pm – 🏉 British Lions v South Africa (on the Big Screen)

10pm – 🎉 We Ain’t Twins host the Afterparty

Bluebells Bakery’s Nan-wiches – you won’t be disappointed!

Edie the Estafette – quality tea’s, coffees and treats (located in next to the Village stalls)

Ernie the Chippy – Fish n chips wi’bits!

Frankie’s Pizza – from the fired pizza oven

Greedy Little Pig Hog Roast – don’t forget the apple sauce and stuffing

Jamrock Flavas – A taste of the Caribbean

Kendal’s Ice creams – from 99s to Calippos!

The Mexican Pilgrim – the greatest burritos

Somtam Street Food – delicious Thai food on the go

Sno-cones – ice, ice, baby

The Venue’s Cheese Toasties, Pickles and Dirty Fries – Only the best from Bower Mill

Woodhead BBQ (next to the main bar) – dirty burgers, no-nonsense hot dogs

Giving kids of all ages the chance to pick up an instrument and play! We’re just in front of the Kids Zone.

12pm-12.45pm – Free Music Lessons
Come and have a free music lesson in: Singing, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Ukulele or Keyboard.

1pm-1.30pm – Guitar Class (age 6-11)
Come and learn the basics of guitar and your very first song!

1.30pm-2pm – Family Ukulele Workshop (all ages)
A fun and easy musical activity for all – learn the chords, strum them and then perform a song… as a family.

2pm-2.35pm – ‘Little Rock’ – Rock Band Workshop (age 4-6)
Our most popular programme on tour! Your children can be in a band from the age of 4 with maximum success. Traditional music lessons often fail at such a young age due to lack of motor skills. Mechanical skills however, are brilliant. So, we flipped music lessons on its head and decided to work on rhythm and gigging!

2.35pm-3pm – Samba Demonstration
Join in with the Handmade Samba Band

3pm-3.30pm – Big Rock Band Performance!
Watch one of our Big Rock bands in action… and then try it yourself!

3.30pm-4.15pm – ‘Big Rock’ – Rock Band Workshop (age 7-11)
Big Rock is a mix of lessons, socialising, performing and most importantly having fun! Learn to play your instrument whilst practicing your rockstar moves… Big Rock is music lessons with the fun turned up to 100!

4.30pm-4.45pm Solo Performers
Come and watch some of our solo performers from The Marshall’s School of Music.

5pm-5.45pm – ‘Adult Rock’ – Rock Band Workshop (age 18+) Adults! Dust off that guitar, find your drum stick or put those karaoke skills to the test. Adult band is a chance for you to live your rockstar fantasy but with expert tuition.

6pm-6.45pm – Free Music Lessons
Come and have a free music lesson in: Singing, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Ukulele or Keyboard.

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