Welcome to brodstock.co.uk. We’ve landed! Not happy enough dabbling with
social media we thought we’d take the aggressive move to get our own piece
of the www.

Not bad for a bunch of amateurs giving the old events game a go to raise
cash for a worthy cause. I was told it should be brodstock.org.uk because
we’re not a company but bugger ‘em – dot co dot uk was available and I
thought it sounded better!

Top marks to DS Web Design & Development for donating so much time and
effort with the site. Dave, you’re a gent.

Our promotional drive has always been pretty reliant on our Facebook page
to get the word out about the fun-packed, family music-fest so we thought a
website might appease those searching for details who weren’t on Facecloth,
plus, it’s an easier place to find everything you might need to know about
the day (….well, that’s the hope anyway).

We’ve had plenty of questions regarding the event via our social channels,
more than ever this year which is great, so hopefully brodstock.co.uk will
enable people to find out what they need to know. Still ask though, by all
means! Like Roger Rabbit’s mate said; it’s good to talk.

So here it is…. an online home of our own. Please share it far and wide
as, once again, we rely on you good people to cast our net further by
letting everyone know what’s happening; allowing us to use the power of
music and hedonism to harness cash that can make a different in our world
(well, Calderdale). Marvellous.